Beijing - national museum

The guobo pavilion renovation and expansion project was designed by GMP (German GMP architecture firm), one of the world's top design companies. In the fierce bidding process, huayi lighting lighting co., ltd. stood out among the numerous bidders and became the only successful bidder for the supply of lamps to the office area of the national museum.

The museum has its particularity, which requires very strict requirements on lighting effect and lighting design. It must pay attention to the requirements of light symmetry, radian, Angle of irradiation, brightness, color temperature, longitudinal and transverse light, etc. Under the premise of comprehensive coverage of lighting scope, it is more important to protect cultural relics, not to lose cultural relics.Accordingly, eliminate the illume limits to the light, brightness, Angle to wait for a requirement, illume color temperature also appears particularly important.Huayi engineering team carried out countless 3d simulation design and scene simulation calculation with a rigorous working attitude, and finally reached the lighting requirements of the national museum.