Beijing - the Olympic stadium - the bird's nest

 In April 2008, huayi was selected as the supplier of facade lighting system by the national stadium owners company and the general lighting contractor.In just 60 days, huayi has completed the standard formulation of national stadium lamps and lanterns, the determination of relevant parameters of products, the development of electrical appliances, the shaping of product shapes, the assembly and molding of lamp body power supply appliances, and the large-scale production, delivery, installation and debugging, and successfully delivered to the Olympic Games.

The lighting of bird's nest is divided into three parts: the first part is the red wall part of the core external wall and the back wall of the spectator stand, which is illuminated by red light.Second, the inner side of the steel frame structure of the outer facade and the u-shaped surface formed on the left and right sides are illuminated by projection lamps to form the silhouette of the outer facade.Third, the top of the upper and lower membrane structure between the steel structure, also lit by the projection light.In order to solve the outer steel structure, the number of lamps and lanterns in roof membrane structure implementation difficulties and installation position and make the "bird's nest" lighting problem such as "move" rise, we specifically for the bird's nest has an independent research and development of LED semiconductor lighting, special lighting technology is adopted, which not only make the "China red" behave more bright-coloured, the color is more pure, at the same time, still can make the bird's nest "breathing", "heart", "running" and "rotate" dynamic effect.