Beijing - shougang winter Olympics

Huayi has been preparing for the lighting project in shougang industrial park since 2016, and set up a special working group for one-to-one service and connection.After entering the site for construction in February 2017, huayi strictly followed the construction requirements and insisted on quality first. It processed the key processes, key parts and details of the products and repeatedly carried out detailed verification to ensure that the acceptance met the requirements of the organizer.Huayi pool not only participated in the show, winter training square, dry sink east road, tennis court apartments and factory main entrance of the east square lighting engineering, is also responsible for the new media within the games square square and cafes, the games organizing committee office of the building facade and conference center, shijingshan park, winter training center landscape, skating, curling short track speed skating facade facade green ecological corridor, the air of indoor and outdoor lighting, power 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing under the attention of the world bright.