Tianjin - polo club

As the overall lighting supplier of tianjin polo club hotel, huayi adopts the method of addition on the combination of "light" and "shadow" in order to make the whole hotel present a sense of beauty of time and color.As night falls and the lights are on, the lights reflect the luxurious polo art in the flow of light and shadow, and the shadow naturally fills the hotel, spreading the noble and elegant temperament.

Huayi pays special attention to the comfortable lighting experience. For the exterior lighting of the polo field, the facade adopts the wall lamp with narrow Angle and high light effect to highlight the layer feeling of the building.The hotel hides the light body as much as possible to realize the idea of "no light, no light".In the design, production and installation of the lamp body, huayi has made a special soft treatment of lamps and lanterns and lighting effect, especially cautious in the control of glare, taking the subjective feelings of the guests as the starting point.With exquisite and noble style, people can enjoy luxury and tranquility at the same time, which perfectly interprets the noble theme of POLO, an elegant sport.