Zhuhai Regis Hotel

In 2017, huayi won the bid for st. Regis zhuhai. With 10 months of efforts and efforts, the project was completed in August 2018, injecting exquisite and eternal light into st. Regis zhuhai.This is also the second cooperation between huayi and st. Regis after the maldives mulli st. Regis resort.

As we all know, zhuhai is a romantic city, and the brand of reggie is synonymous with elegance and classic. Huayi, as their lighting wizard, aims to turn light into their introduction, triggering the story experience of every dream-seeker, and at the same time, turn light into their incarnation, inheriting and engraved into the soul of the maverick.As a result, huayi created the clever idea of "chasing the light from the cloud" and put it into all the space of the hotel, making the st. Regis zhuhai hotel touch the pulse and soul of the romantic capital with his unique charm under the sparkling lights of huayi.