Hilton tianjin - an eco-city

Hilton tianjin is a star hotel which takes the qing dynasty royal residence as the design blueprint and the traditional architectural elements of tianjin residents as the creation gene, aiming to reproduce the style of royal residence.With the hotel's unique traditional Chinese architectural culture complement each other, lighting highlights the atmosphere yuxiu style.Huayi is not limited to one place at a time, but good at the history and culture of hundreds of years of tianjin through repeated overlapping prominent light way let the hotel dense with elegant simplicity.The decorative roof and courtyard layout of the hotel are highlighted by the layering and extension of light and shadow.In order to make the guests' appreciation of the hotel exist in the dynamic "tour" picture, huayi also adopts direct lighting as the main, indirect lighting as the auxiliary, and diffuse lighting as the contrast method, elegant light rhyme is vividly portrayed.